Sandnes Garn Line

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Sandnes Garn Line

Sandnes Garn

110m / 50g (120yds / 1.75oz) | 14% Linen 33% Viscose 53% Cotton | 7. Worsted

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Sandnes Garn Line mixed linen yarn

Sandnes Garn Line is one of our favorite summer yarns with a beautiful color chart, drape and softness as well as high quality with affordable price. The worsted weight yarn from traditional Norwegian yarn house Sandnes Garn is a blend of cotton, viscose (rayon) and linen - the perfect blend for airy summer shawls, light weight tops and sweaters and knits for all ages.

You need four to six of balls for a lace shawl. Try a bit larger needles 4 to 8 mm (US 6 to 11). A short-sleeved top size S to XXL takes 6 to 10 balls of Line and 4 mm (US 6) needles. For a relaxed sweater you need approx. 10-16 balls depending on your size (S-XXL). 

Working Sandnes Garn Line with another yarn is also a great idea! Try silk-mohair blends such as Sandnes Garn Silk Mohair or Tynn Silk Mohair. If you prefer silk or cotton, try ITO Kinu (Tussah silk) or Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit.

Line patterns in Sandnes Garn booklets : Snowbell top by Olaug Beate Bjelland from 2104 Sommer Dame.

Other pattern suggestions:

Anker's Summer Shirt - PetiteKnit 
Rigmor Tee - PetiteKnit

Yarn Length/Ball Weight 110m / 50g (120yds / 1.75oz)
Brand Sandnes Garn
Product information: 14% Linen , 33% Viscose , 53% Cotton
Yarn Characteristics Blend , Plied , Machine Wash , Plant Fibers , Vegan
Yarn by Fiber Cotton , Linen
Yarn Weight 7. Worsted
Needles 4mm (US 6)
Gauge 20 sts
Pesusuositus Machine Wash 30°C, gentle cycle , Dry flat

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