Istex Plötulopi

0001 white
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0003 light beige
(3 in stock)

0005 black heather
(15 in stock)

0009 brown
(13 in stock)

0059 black
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0118 navy
(7 in stock)

0417 red
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0484 forest green
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0709 midnight blue
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1026 ash
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1027 light grey
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1030 oatmeal
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1032 chocolate
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1033 black sheep
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1038 ivory beige
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1420 marsh
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1421 spruce green
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1423 clover green
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1424 golden yellow
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1425 sunset rose
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1426 dark amber
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1427 jasper red
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1428 plum
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1430 carmine red
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1431 arctic blue heather
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1432 winter blue heather
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2020 dark woods
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2021 frost grass
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2022 blues blue
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2023 light blues blue
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2024 black cosmos
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2025 gulf stream
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2026 amethyst
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2027 wine red
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2028 golden blush
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9102 grey
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9103 dark grey
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(Temporarily out of stock)

9448 royal blue
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Istex Plötulopi


300m / 100g (328yds / 3.5oz) | 100% New Wool | 6. DK

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Plötulopi is unspun wool from Istex. This yarn is traditionally used to make authentic Icelandic Lopi sweaters. Plötulopi is mostly knitted using two or three strands, since the yarn itself is fragile. The resulting garments are light and airy.

Do not pull the yarn when knitting, instead “help” the yarn to flow gently from the plates. You can knit straight from the plate or wind the required yarns together. Once knitted the texture will be firm, thanks to the unique characteristics of Icelandic wool. 

Plötulopi is also great for felting and hand spinning.

Care instructions: Airing and gentle hand wash. Dry flat.

In the picture  Ryðrauð / Rusty Cardigan, design by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir.

Wild Posy sweater - Melody Hoffmann

Hilda Mittens free pattern

Altheda stranded yoke sweater - Jennifer Steingass

Aito shawl- Melody Hoffmann

Seasons brioche sweater - Ozetta Knitwear (held together with silk mohair such as Tilia)

Yarn Characteristics Hand Wash , Feltable , Undyed , Single Ply
Yarn by Fiber Wool
Brand Istex
Pesusuositus Handwash , Dry flat , Air
Yarn Length/Ball Weight 300m / 100g (328yds / 3.5oz)
Country of origin Islanti
Product information: 100% New Wool
Gauge 19 sts 24 rows
Yarn Weight 6. DK

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