Istex Lettlopi

0005 Black heather
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0051 White
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0052 Black sheep heather
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0053 Acorn heather
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0054 Light ash heather
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0056 Ash heather
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0057 Grey heather
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0058 Dark grey heather
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0059 Black
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0085 Oatmeal heather
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0086 Light beige heather
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0867 Chocolate heather
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1402 Heaven blue
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1403 Lapis blue heather
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1404 Glacier blue heather
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1405 Bottle green heather
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1406 spring green heather
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1407 Pine green heather
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1409 Garnet heather
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1412 Pink heather
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1414 Violet heather
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1415 Rough sea
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1416 Moor
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1417 Frostbite
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1418 Straw
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1419 Barley
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1420 Bark
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1700 Air blue
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1701 Fjord blue
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1702 Milkyway
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1703 Mimosa
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1704 Apricot
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1705 Royal fuchia
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1706 Lyme grass
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1707 Galaxy
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9418 Stone blue heather
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9419 Ocean blue
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9420 Navy blue
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9421 Celery green heather
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9423 Lagoon heather
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9426 Golden heather
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9427 Rust heather
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9431 Brick heather
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9432 Grape heather
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9434 Crimson red
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Istex Lettlopi


100m / 50g (109yds / 1.75oz) | 100% New Wool | 8. Aran

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Istex Lettlopi is wool from Iceland. The traditional Icelandic yoke cardigans and pullovers look fresh as ever, and with the original, rustic Icelandic wool you can make an authentic Lopapeysa.

Ístex Léttlopi is aran weight yarn, lighter than Alafosslopi. It is warm and comfortable indoors and excellent for outdoor knitwear. The Icelandic wool is like no other, the long fibers make the knitted garment water resistant while the short ones insulate and keep you warm.

Lettlopi has an outstanding variety of colors. Natural undyed shades accompanied with both bright and muted colors are inspired by the Northern landscape. This yarn is made for stranded knitting and colorwork (go on and try steeking, too, if you haven't yet!). Lopi felts also well.

The yarn feels rustic, even coarse, and the wool might feel itchy next to skin for some, but we encourage you to give Lettlopi a try. The knitted fabric softens and relaxes after the first wash and when worn. Knitwear from Icelandic wool is breathable, water-repellent and durable. Will definitely last for decades.

A medium-sized cardigan needs approximately 600 g of Lettlopi. Two balls make a hat or a pair of mittens, one ball a pair of kids' mitts.

Care Instructions: Airing in fresh outdoor air helps the wool clean itself. If you want wash off visible dirt, use cold water and detergent suitable for water. Lay flat to dry.

In the picture Ásta Sóllilja - Kate Davies

Pattern inspiration for Lettlopi:

Treelight - Jennifer Steingass

Dreyma - Jennifer Steingass

Big love - Ankestrick

Tindafell G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir

Strokkur - Ysolda Teague

Maja Cardigan - Hélène Magnùsson (FREE)

Yarn Length/Ball Weight 100m / 50g (109yds / 1.75oz)
Product information: 100% New Wool
Gauge 18 sts
Yarn Weight 8. Aran
Pesusuositus Handwash , Dry flat
Needles 4-5mm (US 7)
Yarn Characteristics Feltable , Hand Wash , Single Ply
Yarn by Fiber Wool
Brand Istex
Country of origin Islanti

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