Titityy Enamel Mug



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Titityy Enamel Mug

Titityy Enamel Mug is a must have for all knitters and a perfect gift for a yarn loving friend. Stylish light gray enamel mug has a white inside, our bird logo printed to the outside and Titityy text for the bottom of the mug. Please note that due the hand made enameling every mug is unique.

Enamel covered steel. Suitable for all ages. It's non toxic, resistant for UV rays, acids. Suitable for dish washer, oven and fridge and for most of the stovetops and even for a campfire. Do not microwave. Do not throw or expose to a big pressure. Do not soak in acid or use abrasive cleaning products. Enamelware is made of steel and because of that, it conducts heat better than other mugs. That's why they might even feel warmer than the drink inside. Be careful, because the dishes might get surprisingly hot.

4" in diameter, 12 oz.

Brand Titityy


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