Su 7.7.19 klo 14-17 RILILIE: Sweaters: Up Close and Personal

What to consider in sweater knitting: A hands-on discussion while working
on Rililie’s sweater patterns!

If you are interested in working different approaches when knitting a sweater, all in great company and with the designer at your disposal, then this Workshop is for you!
Rililie will be there to not only explain the construction and technical details of her pattern(s), but also to convey all the design process and reasoning behind very specific choices of shaping and methodology as also any exclusive background information you might want to know!

The subjects that are worked on in this 3h course are very diverse and will contain particulars that go beyond the specific pattern that shall be used in a KAL-Style framework: the sweaters will provide a starting point and the opportunity to discuss garment design, fashioning and creation as also allow to go into detail on particulars in what to look out for when modifying and to explore all kinds of different subjects related to anatomy, technique and construction.

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