Julkaistu: 18.06.2019

MökkipaitaKAL eli knit-a-long, yhteisneulonta alkoi 8.6. Tukuwoolin Instagramin postauksesta ja jatkuu elokuun loppuun. Ideana on neuloa mitä vain mallia, mikä sopisi mökkifiilikseen, kunhan lankana on joko Tukuwool Fingering tai Sock. Jaamme somessa inspiraatiokuvia ja kuvia Tukulle tehdyistä neuleohjeista, seuraa siis etenkin Tukuwoolin Instagramia. Osallistua voit julkaisemalla kuvan omassa somessa ja käyttämällä näitä hästägejä:




Ravelrysta löytyy ohjehaulla paljon neuleohjeita, joita on tehty Tukuwool. Ne löydät suoraan tästä linkistä.

Tässä vielä sama tarina, joka löytyy myös postauksesta:

In Finland we have this thing called mökki. A cabin, summer house, hut, cottage, holiday home - there are many names for it in English. To me “mökki” means a wooden summerhouse next to a lake with no electricity or running water. An outdoor toilet, wood heated sauna and a squeaky pier that may detach the shore any day. Fireplace fire in the evenings - so no modern conveniences or luxuries at all. We have had a summerhouse since I remember. I spent all my childhood summers there with my family - knitting and reading Donald Duck and hundreds of books. Due to many incidents it had to be pulled down a few years ago. My heart broke. There has been a hole in my soul ever since…

The silence and solitude being in the middle of a forest, listening to birds and wind is the luxury I need these days. I am fortunate to have found this paradise in this mökki which we kind of accidentally rented in the beginning of May this year. We may have different wishes and expectations, but it doesn’t matter here. You know what I’m talking about. Taking a break and slowing down is important for everyone, and it can be a state of mind anywhere you like.

This was an introduction to the next knit-a-long we have been planning. Whether there is going be a heatwave in Finland this summer or not, the nights are usually chilly. And autumn is coming… So this is the perfect time to knit a warm and cozy sweater, in which you’d imagine yourself immersing both knitting and wearing it at your summerhouse.

The Summerhouse Sweater KAL starts on June 8th - on the official KIP day. Choose your favorite sweater pattern and Tukuwool yarns and enter in social media and/or in Ravelry by using these hashtags:




The KAL ends in the end of August. We will announce KAL prizes on the first week of September. We will also be posting some patterns and designs that would interest you or are on our own must have list. Oh, and we’d love to see your WIPs pictured at your own cabin if you visit one!  Who is in?

Tässä muutamia poimintoja malleista, joita meillä on neulottu tai on to-do-listalla:

SAMMAL / Joji Locatelli

AAMU / Isabell Kraemer

SHIMO/ Leeni Hoimela

MON MANET/ Jonna Hietala
Tätä mallia olen käyttänyt omassa Tuku Face puserossa, jossa on melkein kaikki värikartan luonnonväriset sävyt. Ravelryn projektisivulta löydät tarkempia muistiinpanoja...