Frida Fuchs TAMTAM DK

Frida Fuchs

250m / 100g (273yds / 3.5oz) | 35 % Linen 65% silk | 6. DK

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Frida Fuchs TAMTAM DK

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Like warm sunrays, like a breeze on the sunny sea that touches your neck or like soft grass under your naked feet - our silk/ linen blend feels like a touch of warm-season. Pure summer luxury for your skin.

What initially appears to be a typical robust linen yarn turns out to be a soft, 2-ply yarn that gives your knitting ease and airiness, and the silk illuminates a subtle shine.

Due to the two different materials, the pigments are absorbed differently and a two-colored yarn is produced, which has a light tweed-touch.

Note from the dyer, Frida Fuchs: Each skein of yarn is hand dyed in small batches of max. 5 skeins. We endeavor that all our colors can be reproduced, but as with all handmade items, each skein of yarn is unique – this gives our products their character and charm. We recommend to alternate your skeins every other row to camouflage any color differences between skeins.

We do our best to fully rinse out excess dye after dyeing. However, some color bleeding the first time you wash your project is common. We recommend washing in cold water, and separately from all other items. This is especially crucial for the first wash, as this is when color is most likely to bleed.

Brand Frida Fuchs
Fibers 35 % Linen , 65% silk
Yarn Weight 6. DK
Needles 4-4.5mm (US 6-7)
Yarn Characteristics Plied , Blend , Hand Dyed , Plant Fibers , Hand Wash
Yarn by Fiber Silk , Linen
Pesusuositus Dry flat , Handwash
Yarn Length/Ball Weight 250m / 100g (273yds / 3.5oz)
Gauge 22 sts


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