Brioche Bracelet Leather Wristband



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Brioche Bracelet Leather Wristband

15" medium
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15" natural
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16" medium
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16" natural
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Nancy Marchant has designed Brioche Bracelet for all of us brioche lovers! Brioche Bracelet is a trendy leather wristband with the basic brioche stitches and abbreviations engraved, so you will remember your brk's and brp's!

Wrap the bracelet twice to your wrist and fasten with a metal stud (nickel free, chrome-plated brass). The ruler comes with a round metal container which is handy for storing little knitting notions. What better gift for a knitter!

Two lengths available: 15" = 38cm, 16" = 40.5cm The bracelet is meant to be wrapped around your wrist twice. Give the bracelet extra length depending on how loosely you want to wear it and allow an extra 1/2" for the stud closure.


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