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The best Muud for knitting

Julkaistu: 15.07.2021

Danish lifestyle brand Muud Living creates leather bags, pouches and storage cases. These bags and accessories are made with the greatest care from high-quality animal skins in India and are responsibly produced, meeting also REACH standards for dyeing. The production processes are transparent and monitored. Read more here.

At the moment we have Whiskey coloured products in our shop. There are different sizes of bags available, you can use them to carry around your knitting or even when going grocery shopping, they work equally well. There are also plenty of storage cases available for different kinds of needles, from double pointed needles to interchangeables, regular cables and even straight needles. There is also an especially roomy needle case called Voss, that might just be large enough to store all my cables. I’ve been looking for one for such a long time, this is it! - Tiina

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