Su 7.7.19 klo 10-18 JENNIFER STEINGASS: Design Your Own Colorwork Yoke Sweater

Su 7.7.19 klo 10-18 JENNIFER STEINGASS: Design Your Own Colorwork Yoke Sweater

Jennifer Steingass


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Want to design your own yoke? Let’s do it! In this 2-part class, you’ll learn all the techniques needed to create your own stranded yoke sweater design. Jenn will bring her sweaters and talk about her design process and how it’s evolved since she first started. We’ll cover various construction styles, proportions, sizing, and customizing your yoke according to your gauge and chart width. There will be colorwork motifs on hand that you can incorporate into your yoke chart, or feel free to bring in charted motifs that you may have come across that inspire you, or if you’re feeling adventurous, design a chart all your own. We’ll have colored pencils and plenty of inspiration on hand. You’ll learn how to sketch your design and how to chart your yoke on graph paper. You’ll knit a swatch in the round as you follow your personalized yoke chart.

Technique requirements:  Experience (for yoke design version of this class) having knit several successful sweaters and with modifying sweater patterns.

This class has one hour lunch break.

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