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September JACKET by PetiteKnit -neuleohje EN

Englanninkielinen, paperinen neuleohje.

The September Jacket is worked from the top down in brioche stitch with one strand of Sunday and two strand of Tynn Silk Mohair held together. First the back is worked back and forth, then the right and left shoulder. Then these three sections are joined to form the body, which is worked back and forth in brioche stitch. Stitches for the sleeves are picked up and knitted from the armholes and the sleeves are worked down from there. At the end, rib edges are worked along the front edges and along the neck edge. The pockets are also worked in brioche stitch as well, and are sewn on at the very end. The jacket is closed at the front with large popper buttons.

Knit a swatch before beginning the project to check if the recommended needle size gives you the correct gauge. The swatch should be washed and blocked as brioche stitch grows with washing and use.

Size guide

The September Jakke is designed to have approx. 5-8 cm [2-3 ¼ inches] of positive ease. Sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL are intended for a bust circumference of 80-85 (85-90) 90-95 (95-100) 100-110 (110-120) 120-130 cm [31½-33½ (33½-35½) 35½-37½ (37½-39½) 39½-43¼ (43¼-47¼) 47¼-51¼ inches]. Measure yourself using a measuring tape to determine which size to knit. Example: If you measure 94 cm [37 inches] around the widest part of your bust (or belly, if this is the widest part of your body), this would mean you should knit a size M.

Sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL

Measurements: Bust circumference: 90 (97) 100 (107) 117 (127) 133 cm [35½ (38c) 39¼ (42¼) 46 (50) 52¼ inches]

Length: 56 (57) 58 (59) 60 (61) 62 cm [22 (22½) 22¾ (23¼) 23½ (24) 24½ inches] (measured mid back including folded neck edge)

Sleeve length: 48 (48) 48 (51) 51 (51) 51 cm [19 (19) 19 (20) 20 (20) 20 inches] measured from the armhole down

Gauge: 12 sts x 38 rows = 10 x 10 cm [4 x 4 inches] in brioche stitch on a 4,5 mm [US7] needle

Please note, that 38 rows in brioche stitch are counted as 19 knit stitches in brioche stitch.
Please note: The swatch must be washed and blocked before measuring the gauge, as brioche stitch expands when washed. Adjust the needle size as needed to achieve correct gauge.

Needles: Circular needles: 4,5 mm [US7] / (40, 60, 80 and/or 100 cm [16, 24, 32 and/or 40 inches], 3,5 mm [US4] and 4 mm [US6] / 80 cm [32 inches]. Double-pointed needles: 4,5 mm [US7]

Materials: 250 (250) 250 (300) 300 (300) 300-350 g Sunday by Sandnes Garn (50 g = 235 m [257 yds]) held together with 225 (225) 225-250 (250-275) 275-300 (300) 300-325 g Tynn Silk Mohair by Sandnes Garn (25 g = 212 m [232 yds]). Please note: Three strands of yarn are held together throughout (one strand of Sunday and two strands of Tynn Silk Mohair), and the yardage given is the total yardage needed. A thin elastic thread for the nexk edge (for example knitting-in elastic). 5 (5) 5 (5) 5 (5) 5 buttons and the same number of large popper buttons (ø = 21 mm).

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