La 6.7.19 klo 14-17 NATHAN TAYLOR: Shaping - The Future of Double-Knitting

La 6.7.19 klo 14-17 NATHAN TAYLOR: Shaping - The Future of Double-Knitting

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Ready to move on from using double-knitting to make pot-holders, coasters and scarves? Then this is the class for you.
Double-knitting is a fantastic technique for creating reversible, double-squishy fabric with no unsightly wrong sides, and can be used for many different purposes. If you want to take your double-knitting to the next level, you are going to need to know a little bit more than how to make the standard stocking-stitch-on-both-sides fabric that we all know and love. I’ll show you how to execute a variety of different types of both increases and decreases, and tell you where you might want to use each of them to their best effect.

We’ll talk bout the concepts behind changing shaping techniques for single-face knitting into reversible, two- sided shaping techniques that will allow you the freedom to turn your double-knitting into any shape you like.

The class covers two different types of yarn overs (both connected and unconnected forms), along with the Make One increase (both left- and right-leaning). For decreases, we’ll discuss the idea of matched pairs, and learn about right- and left-leaning single and double decreases, as well as the Centred Double Decrease, and a whole variety of others. Time permitting, we’ll even learn how to do German Short Rows in DK, so that you can send your double-knitting round corners!

Once you get to grips with what is possible, the possibilities are endless. This really IS the future of double- knitting!

I would advise bringing a sugary snack and some water to the class, as I’ll be giving your brains a good work out.

Level of experience: Intermediate/Advanced. This is a class that will be suitable for knitters with some experience of double-knitting, who are looking to expand their horizons.
Skills needed: You will need to be competent in standard, two-colour double-knitting, creating a fabric that show as stocking stick on both sides. You will need to know how to cast on in two colours, alternating knit and purl stitches, to set up for DK, and you will preferably need to know how to perform the Slip-Stitch Edge technique for creating neat and tidy edges that lock the two faces of your fabric together, although any edge
technique for DK would suffice.
Materials students must bring with them: You will need about 20g of each of two colours of yarn, worked into the swatch described below. Use two highly contrasting colours, and a nice smooth yarn that is not too grippy.
Homework: A swatch worked as follows:
Using DK-weight yarn, and appropriately sized needles, cast on 20 PAIRS of stitches (40sts in total), using any two-colour, alternating cast on you like, and work about 5-8 rows of standard double-knitting, where both faces of the fabric display stocking stitch. Do not work any colour changes, so that you will have colour A on one side, and colour B on the other with no pattern showing.
DO NOT CAST OFF YOUR SWATCH! We will continue knitting it in the class.

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