2004 Mohair & silke -ohjevihko ENG / DE

Sandnes Garn


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2004 Mohair & silke -ohjevihko ENG / DE

This is a collection of new and old favorites. Here you will find many good basic garments with nice cuts and details. Peplum has been trending for some time. That we know well as it is feminine, versatile and can be both playful and sophisticated. Puff sweaters in TYNN SILK MOHAIR is suitable for every occasion. Furthermore you have Poppy which has a nice and updated eyelet pattern. We think it is feminine but not too cute. Rib sweaters are a classic that everyone should have in the closet. It fits everything. These are some of the goodies you'll find in this booklet. Happy knitting!

Ohjevihko on englannin- ja saksankielinen.

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Valmistaja Sandnes Garn
Kieli Englanti , Saksa
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