Tukuwool Harmas Noittaantila Edition


150m / 50g (164yds / 1.75oz) | 100% Kainuu Grey Wool | 5. Sport

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Tukuwool Harmas Noittaantila Edition

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Tukuwool Harmas Noittaantila Edition is 100% Finnish Kainuu Grey breed wool. The wool for this yarn comes from a Finnish sheep farm, Noittaantila, which is located in Tohmajärvi, East Finland.

Tukuwool Harmas is a sport weight two-ply yarn for knitting garments and accessories. 150m per 50g skein is enough for a hat or a pair of mittens. This limited edition 

Kainuu Grey is an original rare Finnish sheep breed that is greatly valued. Kainuu is the province in northeastern Finland where the breed was discovered. The lambs are born black but growing older turn into various shades of grey.  The wool is fine and fluffy, even shiny and very comfortable to wear. The knitted fabric shows different stitch patterns beautifully.

Country of origin Finland
Yarn Length/Ball Weight 150m / 50g (164yds / 1.75oz)
Fibers 100% Kainuu Grey Wool
Gauge 22 sts
Pesusuositus Handwash
Yarn Weight 5. Sport
Yarn by Fiber Wool
Brand Tukuwool
Yarn Characteristics Plied , Hand Wash , Feltable , Made in Finland


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