Tukuwool Hakamaa DK


230m / 100g (252yds / 3.5oz) | 100%kainuunharmas-rygja | 6. DK

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Tukuwool Hakamaa DK


Natural Black

Natural White

Dark Grey

Tukuwool Hakamaa DK is a local Finnish yarn at its best - Finnish Kainuu Grey - Rygja crossbreed wool comes from a specific farm in Middle Finland, and the yarn is entirely made in Finland. DK weight two-ply wool yarn is best for sweaters, mittens and accessories. The wool comes from a sheep farm in Petäjävesi, Middle Finland, and is washed and spinned in Virrat. Maija, the owner of the farm, takes pride on raising sheep for their wool especially.

Hakamaa farm values every sheep and the animals are treated as well as the employees of the farm. When the sheep are well, they produce high quality wool. The crossbreed of Kainuu Grey and Rygja is soft yet durable and and wool comes in many different shades of grey - as well as natural white.

The wool is washed with wool detergent and spinned. There are no additional chemical treatments in this undyed wool. The yarn has some lanolin left in it and feels soft and natural. Tukuwool Hakamaa yarns are ethical and ecological choice.

See, read and hear more about Hakamaa sheep farm here and especially from the wool in these yarns.

Fibers 100%kainuunharmas-rygja
Country of origin Finland
Yarn Length/Ball Weight 230m / 100g (252yds / 3.5oz)
Yarn Weight 6. DK
Pesusuositus Handwash
Gauge 20-22 sts
Yarn by Fiber Wool
Yarn Characteristics Plied , Hand Wash , Undyed , Made in Finland
Needles 3.5-4mm (US 4-6)
Brand Tukuwool


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