Feel It Club Yarns

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Feel It Club Yarns

Frida Fuchs Steppke Single Lotusblatt Feel it 2
(15 in stock)

Leizu Fingering Simple Enneige - Feel it 2
(6 in stock)

Nomade Enneige - Feel it 2
(8 in stock)

WalkCollection Cozy Merino Feel it 2
(6 in stock)

Walkcollection Tough Sock Feel it 2
(5 in stock)

We all knit for some reason. And that reason is always a feeling. We feel when we knit. We are alive! We create, we are together. We make mistakes but we survive. We might sometimes feel despair but also such joy after a big struggle. We knit for so many reasons which are all right, correct, approved. We don’t judge. So - just feel it!

Feel it! was an exciting yarn club created in collaboration with our dear friends from Laine Magazine and well known yarn companies! Laine Magazine created special mood boards for the club and the dyers had free hands to create their club color inspired by the mood board and feelings it evoked.

Remaining club yarns are now sold separately as individual skeins.


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