Cocoknits Leather Cord Set

Cocoknits Leather Cord Set



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Cocoknits Leather Cord Set to use with LEATHER CORD & NEEDLE STITCH HOLDER KIT.

If you're anything like us, you have many projects going at one time. Now you can hold the live stitches of several projects at once with this extra set of leather cords.

Designed to be used with the LEATHER CORD & NEEDLE STITCH HOLDER KIT, these extra cords are vegetable tanned which won't dry out as quickly as the original Cocoknits leather cords. They start out softer and require less conditioning so they won’t “stick” to yarn as much. For your more rustic yarns, or if you don’t mind conditioning often - the ones included in the original kit work fine, but these new extras work better for finer yarns. 

The Leather Cord Set includes set of extra cords:

One Long Cord – 59"/150 cm

Two Short Cords  – 29.5"/75 cm

Compatible with Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder kit (sold separately)


  • Just like hands, leather can get dry & needs moisturizing. We suggest treating the cord with thread conditioner to keep your cords smooth and limber.
  • Screw the needle on only until it is attached to the cord.  If you continue to over-screw, you risk breaking the leather inside the needle.
  • Snipping the end of your leather cord at an angle will facilitate attaching the needle. 
  • Leather has a grain, so be sure to "go with the grain" when sliding stitches on & off the cord. 

Brand Cocoknits


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