Blockwallah Large Wooden Square Yarn Bowl

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Blockwallah Large Wooden Square Yarn Bowl

Blockwallah large wooden square yarn bowl is a beautiful and practical accessory for a knitter or crocheter. You may place a ball of yarn to each compartment of the bowl, and when the yarn is pulled, the working yarn runs through the carved cutout, and the ball will roll in the bowl freely without getting tangled or rolling away.

The yarn bowls are made in India by a family-owned Finnish-Indian company Blockwallah, which manufactures carved wooden accessories and employs rural Indian artisans.

The wooden box  is made from Indian mango wood and the size of the box 30x15x10 cm. The surface is polished with oil, and you should wipe the bowl with a cloth to remove any excess oil. The surface can be wiped with vegetable oil every now and then for smooth polish.

Country of origin Intia
Brand Blockwallah


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