Still talking summer knits

Julkaistu: 04.06.2021

I thought I'd exhausted everything I had to say about summer knits in my last post. Apparently it isn’t so. I’m not done yet! 

I think a great way to ease yourself into the world of summer knits is to try budget friendly yarns. If the outcome isn’t exactly what you hoped for, you don’t feel too bummed about it. 

So what is a good, budget friendly yarn? Well, in my humble opinion Holst Garn Coast or Tides. Coast is a merino-cotton blend, Tides is silk and wool. They come in cakes that really have plentiful yardage. 350 yards in Coast in a 50g cake and near to 300 yards in Tides. I think that is great value for a ball that costs you as much as a latte. What do you think, which one is a better investment?

Oh, I have to mention the colours, I think you’ll find something that is your jam. I personally love the peachy tones, like surprise, surprise Peach and Powder in Coast and Mandarine in Tides.

If I’d have all the time in the world I’d knit all of these wonderful summer knits. Since that’s not the case I might start with the Frost flowers top, which has been in my Ravelry favourites for 5 years. Why? Well, like I mentioned before, I’m not much into summer knits, but I’d like to be. Maybe this summer I get to this finally. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Oh, I do think I need to use yarn held double for this, but it still makes it a summer top. Might be that I opt for a more minimalist top like this Hor no11 from Lone Kjeldsen.

Other great options to consider:

Anna Johanna’s Lala, Alho and Teas (in the picture below) or Spring Quartet.

Helene I knit from Ito Kinu some years ago, have no idea where it got to. I think this would work well in Tides too. I actually remember wearing this a lot.

How about this simple Lena tee?

Skeindeer Knits' Soleie Shell-top has sizes up to a 62” inch bust.

Or this? Isabell Kraemer's A hint of Summer. Can you imagine you can get a shirt with 2 to 3 balls? That is a bargain!

Coast and Tides work well with all the other suggestions for summer knits you can find in our blog.