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Seashore Cowl is a Fall Favorite

Julkaistu: 10.09.2020

Seashore Cowl by Milja Uimonen

Hi from Milja! This Fall is my 10th working anniversary here at Yarn Shop Titityy. I'm an enthusiastic knitter and yarn lover, and it was a dream come true to be employed at my favorite local yarn shop back in 2010. Working at a yarn shop inspires me to occasional knitwear designing, and in 2012 I published my favorite design, Seashore Cowl.

Seashore cowl combines two of my yarn favorites, single-ply fingering merino wool in hand dyed colors and feathery soft silk mohair. A textured wavy lace and soothing stockinette alternate in this design. Nowadays I knit to relax, and this cowl is a comfortable project to make again and again, for me and as a gift. This grey version of Seashore Cowl was actually made by my mother. I've made the original piece for her, so she returned that favor!

Uschitita Merino Singles and Isager Silk Mohair in grey and rust colors

The cowl is wide from the bottom and narrows a bit at top. I love wearing something wrapped around my shoulders when working at the office. The first size of the cowl fits the most if you prefer to use the cowl around your neck only. But the pattern includes several sizes to choose from depending on your shoulder and chest width.

Titityy has walls of hand dyed skeins and you always find new ones you would like to knit. The first size uses only a single skein of fingering weight yarn and you need 1-2 balls of contrasting color to go with that. If you want to play yarn chicken, you can always modify the pattern a bit for less stockinette rows in between or work one lace + stockinette stripe less.

In 2012 I choose aqua colors for the original design

We chose some color pairs for inspiration. Try one of these for the design or choose your own pair!

Uschitita Merino Singles Amygdala and Tilia 361 Madeira rose

Uschitita Merino Singles Vintage Rug and Sandnes Tynn Silk Mohair 8521

Uschitita Merino Singles Storm and Tynn Silk Mohair 6564

Unicorn colors and marshmellows. This version has a bit narrower lace stripes

La Bien Aimee Merino Singles Shipwreck and Isager Silk Mohair 30