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Knitwear care

Julkaistu: 25.09.2021

One question we get often is how to take care of one's knitted garments. It is rather simple. Do not wash them unless they are really dirty. Air them before storing, spot clean if needed, de-pill occasionally and store them lying flat. 


The most simple thing you can do for your knitwear to make it last long is to freshen it. It is easy, lay your knitwear on a chair flat or take your garment outside, again lay them flat if possible. Try to avoid direct sunlight. Let them air for a few hours or if possible overnight. Done.

Spot-Cleaning Spilled coffee on your cuff? Be quick, get a cloth or some paper and let the coffee soak into the cloth. Do not rub the fabric, just pat the area. If the stain is persistent, wash by hand only the spot where the stain is. Do this gently and again, do not rub the wool, it might felt!

De-Pilling Pills or small fluff may develop over time, especially in areas that receive abrasion, like the side of a sweater. This is natural. Pilling is easy to remove with a sweater stone. Just gently move the stone on top of the knitted fabric and “comb” away the pilling. We recommend you test the stone on an area that is less visible first.  

Steaming Another way to refresh your knitting is steaming. Warmth and moisture relaxes the fabrics and smoothes out wrinkles and creases. Try using a damp cloth and ironing through that. 


This is really the last resort when all else fails and your garment is really soiled. Use wool wash or the recommended detergent for your fabric. If it’s silk, use detergent specifically tailored for silk. Wash you garment by hand, it is simple! Fill a sink with cold water and add the detergent. You can use Eucalan or Soak. To soak, submerge the fabric until all the air bubbles come out. Let the garment soak for the recommended time stated on the detergent, approx 15 mins. 

Once it’s done soaking, lift your garment gently out of the water, supporting its weight. Gently squeeze the excess water out and put it in a towel, think burrito here and squeeze out more water. Lay the garment out flat onto a  dry towel or blocking mat. Let it dry.  

Folding & Storing

Once the garment is completely dry, fold it and store it flat. Do not hang your knitwear on a coat hanger, that will make the garment stretch out of shape. Place something, like cedar wood next to your knitted garment to repel any fibre loving insects.