Klein Pullover (hand) - color inspiration

Julkaistu: 30.08.2019

Klein Pullover (hand) by Olga Buraya Kefelian is a must have to the Autumn 2019! This reversible and highly wearable pullover is knitted using two different types of yarn held together. We have put up some Klein Pullover yarn kits on sale with La Bien Aimée Merino Singles Light and Mohair Silk. But we wanted to share some other color and yarn combinations in this article to help you choosing right colors and yarns. And as always you can ask more help via email ( or WhatsApp (+358 40 487 4779) - we are happy to help! 

Please note that these kits (nor the products posted to this article) does not include the pattern. Please buy it separately from Ravelry

Alpaca 1 03 mustard and Silk Mohair 63 copper

Alpaca 1 peach and Silk Mohair 62 rose

Alpaca 1 forest and Silk Mohair 68 dark olive

Alpaca 1 eco 02s light gray and Silk Mohair 03s grey melange

Alpaca 1 61 old rose and Tynn Silk Mohair 4310 grey rose melange

Alpaca 1 61 old rose and Filcolana Tilia 321 sakura

Alpaca 1 61 old rose and Ito Sensai 303 cherry blossom

Alpaca 1 60 aubergine and Silk Mohair 60 eggplant

Alpaca 1 59 straw and Silk Mohair 59 straw yello

Alpaca 1 21 red and Silk Mohair 28 red

Alpaca 1 11 light blue and Silk Mohair 41 smoky blue