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Ideas to summer knits!

Julkaistu: 27.05.2020

Ideas to summer knits! 

We have lots of questions what to knit during the summer and especially summer sweater patterns. And also suitable yarns to the so here's some ideas from the sea of beautiful patterns! Some are available thru our shop but most of them are available for purchase from Ravelry.

Fuji top  Ito
Yarn options: Kinu
Buy 2 cones of Kinu and get the pattern free with purchasing the yarn! Remember to add the pattern to your shopping cart.

Anker's Summer Shirt  PetiteKnit
Yarn options: LineTynn Line tuplanaDuo

Teas  Anna Johanna
Yarn options:Kinu 

Alho  Anna Johanna
Yarn options: Noble + SensaiMeadow + Sensai (in the pic)

Big in Japan Katrin Schneider
Yarn options: Kinu + Sensai

Tegna Caitlin Hunter
Yarn options:  Uschitita Merino Singles tai BC Garn Lino, Bomulin, Trio held doubled, Tynn Line

Magnolia Camilla Vad
Yarn options: Trio tuplana, Trio + Alpaca 1, Alpaca 2 + Alpaca 1, Bomulin

Cloudesley Isabell Kraemer 
Yarn options: Shimo, Kinu tuplana, Uncommon Everyday tai Silky Merino Fingering 

Purple Coke Katrin Schneider
Yarn options: Ito Tetsu + Gima

Flower Buds Astrid Troland (Laine Magazine issue 8)
Yarn options: Alpaca 1 + Meadow/Noble/Trio

Yarn options:

Edie // Isabell Kraemer 
Yarn options: Kinu tuplana, BC Garn Lino, Bomulin, Trio Tuplana, Gima + Kinu

Cullum // Isabell Kraemer
Yarn options: Kinu tuplana, BC Garn Lino, Bomulin, Trio Tuplana, Gima + Kinu

Summer // Ankestrick
Yarn options: Tamtam DK, Duo, Line, Allhemp6

Tsumuzikaze and the whole Hikari Collection on tehty The Fibre Collectionin Meadowlle

Lemon // Helga Isager
Yarn options: Spinni, Trio, Bomulin

Yume // Isabell Kraemer
Yarn options: Gima + Shio, Kinu + Shio, Kinu + Gima