Hedgehog Fibres

Hedgehog Fibres is one of the most popular yarn companies building hype for hand dyed, especially speckle-dyed, yarns. The characteristics of HHF yarns are fearless use of colors and combining them without limits. Pattern support for HHF is enormous! Designer Stephen West is an icon for Hedgehog Fibres. He uses HHF yarns in many of his designs and there are never enough colors for him!

HHF don't have dye lots marked and every skein is unique and shades may vary even in the same colors. We recommend striping two same color skeins to even the differences between skeins. Remember to purchase enough yarn for your valued project, because Hedgehog Fibres sells out fast and there are some differences in color between each batch. We also carry one-of-a-kind Potluck colors!